Each pack comes complete with:

4 x Nipple Covers

4 x Perkys Tape

Give your boobs a lift! Perky’s breast enhancement tape has the same effect as a push-up bra and can be used as a backless dress bra.

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Product Description

Be sure to remove any creams oils and moisture before using Perkys
Perkys are made with a medical graded adhesive tape safe for the skin, however we recommend no more than 12 hours wear and remove before sleeping
You can wear with strapless, backless, low v cut tops/dresses and even swim wear
Try not to over touch the adhesive and avoid folding the tape
Apply Perkys before applying nipple covers
Remove first from either side of breast, do not peel from the top, and then remove nipple cover

Additional Information
Made From

Nipple Covers: Hypoallergenic Adhesive & Silk Cloth
Perkys Tape : Acrylate, Low Density Polyethylene tape


Not recommended for use on sensitive skin, sunburn, open cuts, skin disorder or if pregnant or nursing. If you wear Perkys for more than 4 hours and the following occurs: redness, itching, burning, irritation remove this product.


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