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This product amazed me. I am a cup size E and wore an off the shoulder top with Perky's and absolutely no bra. I was a bit self conscious at first and then realised how secure and comfortable and flattering they are to wear. I was ecstatic 12 hours later when I peeled them off and went to bed. Will definitely wear again, this enhances my wardrobe and gives me so many more options that I've only dreamed of... Thanks Perky's

Along with the desired lifting I needed to secure the sides of the dress to my body, this was the job of the Body Tape, long, thin clear strips of tape that stick fabric to your skin comfortably and again, for hours on end, 20 strips are inside.

In review, Saturday night’s ball without the aid of Perkys would have been nerve wrecking, if you plan on wearing anything that can’t have a bra worn with it, you really need to get these.

They’re ideal for debs dresses, wedding and bridesmaid gowns and plunging tops… and you don’t end up with pronounced back fat that some ill-fitting strapless bras can accentuate.

The medical grade tape is easy to apply and remove. It’s also sweat proof so you don’t have to worry about loosening up more than you’d intended on the dance floor.