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Halterneck of Pain

October 18, 2016

|In Product

|By Liz Martin

Back in February, a (first-world-ishly) disturbing article appeared on Buzzfeed. A recreation of Kim Kardashian West’s boob tape solution. The star apparently uses gaffers tape to add lift and to keep her chest in place. She layers it around her neck in a halterneck style.

While the results were visually good (well, let’s face it, there’s a reason the quite inventive KKW has figured it out – and needs must), the side effects and stress involved were a strain on the Buzzfeed guinea pigs, all endowed in different shapes and sizes – a good boob cross-section of society.

We implore you Kim, if you’re ever reading this, there’s no need to go to such horrendous lengths, also risking marks and a possible rash from the chemicals in gaffer tape, a brilliant solution for household uses and for taping down cables on film sets, but, it’s not designed for your boobs, it’s just not.

This is what one of them said about the ‘removal process’:

“Taking it off felt like someone was peeling layers of my skin off of my body after I’d been burned with acid.”

Image Source via Daily Mail.co.uk

Perkys is a comfortable, professional alternative to feeling like you’ve been ‘burned with acid’. It lifts and perfectly positions the breast to give you the most amazing shape. You won’t even feel it’s there and won’t feel sore when you gently peel it off at the end of the night.

Sack the gaffers – or don’t even attempt it in the first place!

Here is the Article from Buzzfeed: